Our Story, So Far, Sort of

We’re Preston and Shauna, sailing our 1988 Catalina 36 around the Pacific Northwest. Between the two of us we have 7 kids and we have a little time before our nest is emptied. Join us for the next five years of sailing adventures as we learn the ropes and make plenty of mistakes, gearing up for the day we can sell all our crap and become full time live a boards, sailing off into the sunset.


We like to make videos that tell a story from beginning to end that add up to one big story strung together. While it's generally against the "rules" to make slow, story telling content that requires viewer attention to get through, we think there's actually an appetite for that kind of story telling out there still. So, we try to avoid explaining with voice overs and text on the screen. We let the story unfold as naturally as possible, allowing the dialogue, the body language, and the setting tell the story. We find great satisfaction in absorbing that type of movie making ourselves!

We're also pretty damn funny.